Sunday, 15 August 2010

Shop Till You Flop

Top 9: 9th August 2010

We start with a recap of the posing challenge on Carnaby Street, we see Amba's boobies again in the chocolate posing challenge and relive the excitement at Beyonce taking three minutes out of her day to send a video message to the girls. We get to see Joy's extremely frightened fire face again at the video shoot, and Delita was deleted.

This week! The girls meet "R n' B Diva" Alesha Dixon, and get to experience the jet-set life of a top model. Nine girls are left to face Elle and her fellow judges, Julien, Grace and Charley. The "and Charley" bit is pronounced like Charley is on Day-release from somewhere with padded walls. There can only be one Britain's Next Top Model though. So who will we lose this week?

We begin with the girls arriving back at the house to a note from Delita. Joy isn't surprised that Delita went. She was apparently rude to the stylists and the makeup artists (why didn't we see this?). She didn't really have a model look, according to Joy, more like a glamour model. Charlotte reads the note which tells us that Delita wasn't shocked to go, especially since she was in the bottom two with 'Tiffy'. Tiffany tells us that she thought she was going to faint when she was in the bottom two. It isn't a nice place to be standing and she doesn't want to be there again. Delita says that even though she's gone, she does not, and repeats DOES NOT, want the others to forget about her. I wish I could forget about Delita. Ever since she said she was going to move to London by herself last week I've been worried SICK about her. I've even tweeted Grace a couple of times to ask if she's ok and her lack of response is frankly worrying. She'll miss them, and loves them all. Bless.

Olivia says that she doesn't know if Delita going was fair, but she was happy that it wasn't her. Everyone's got to go at the end of the day and as long as it's not her, she's happy. Yay Sisterhood! Her note is pinned to the wall of farewell and we move swiftly on.

E-Mail! Alisha squawks, then puts on her best reading voice to read it. It reads "Congratulations on getting through today. A true model has the ability to sell anything, no matter what the product". Olivia closes her eyes and screws up her face. "Also, never forget the importance of letting your personalities shine through. Be alive and awake at 6am".

Kirsty thought that the challenge might be to do with something that was dead. Charlotte thinks it might be about something that is dead or alive, like a creature. Olivia thinks that they might have to be fishmongers. Amba thinks the same. Joy will die if it's fish.

The road signs show us that we are on our way to glamorous and metropolitan, er, Birmingham. The girls walk in to the foyer of an office. Tiffany thought that they would be selling stuff on a market or be eating something really weird. She's watched the previous shows and knows that there's always something a bit evil in it. Well done Tiffany! If you have seen the show before perhaps you can act on that knowledge from time to time because so far you have all been sitting ducks for anything that has been thrown at you.

We know that we are about to meet a celebrity because Ellie Goulding's "Starry Eyes" is playing. Could this possibly be the Alesha Dixon moment?. Amba looked up and saw her. Amba tells us that they screamed when they saw her as this moment is helpfully playing on screen. Alesha Dixon comes down the stairs and says hello. She tells our contestants that to make it in this industry, you have to really believe in yourself. It's not just about having a pretty face and striking a pose. I want the next thing that she says to be "No, it's about doing really fierce rapping", but it's not. Alisha says that she is exactly how she is on telly. There's no act for her, it's exactly how she is. What Alesha Dixon does say next is that if you are smart, you get your own brand, like Kate Moss and Elle McPherson. Apparently, last year, Alesha Dixon released her own brand of jewellery. (Why wasn't I told!) [Seriously. I love Alesha, and I was all "this is news to me." - Steve] and today, the girls are going to be selling it live on TV. Alesha Dixon is relying on them to do a good job and not let her down.

They follow her into the studio. Charlotte is like, oh my god, panicking about being live on TV. We meet Angeline Davies, who is a presenter on Gems TV who will give the girls a masterclass. Angeline welcomes them all. Amelia says that in the test run she froze up like a robot, and couldn't multi-task at all. Alisha wonders if she should say good afternoon and good morning, Olivia is having problems with her earpiece. Kirsty does some cackling and Amba does some swearing. Charlotte reminds us that you have to remember where to look, who you are speaking to and where to hold your hand, and there's things on the screen that you can't see.

Joy is predictably lost. She tells us that there is some woman shouting in her ear and she couldn't hear what she was saying and she gets horrifically tongue tied. Olivia thinks Joy thinks that everyone is out to get her. Olivia, love, I'm sure you talking about her behind her back is doing LOADS to help with that situation. Joy apparently has to realise that the challenges are training opportunities, and you have to get better. Alisha says that Joy's moaning is getting repetitive. A bit like you sweetheart. It's apparently boring and the whole group is hating it. Joy wants to kill herself for the second time this episode. She just thought that it was a bit of a pointless task. I know what she means, It's selling Alesha Dixon's jewellery on Gems TV, but it's a challenge so you have to do it, Joy.

Angeline gathers the girls back together and asks if she's prepared them enough. They give the least convincing "Yes" ever. She tells them to go forth and go live! Technical shots! Camera men! Soundy mixy type desks! [Finger on fader sliding, wait, wrong show. - Steve]

Alisha is terrified. She's so scared and has never been more scared in her life. And apparently it's Joy who's the repetitive one. Hmm. We get moody shots of Nicola, Olivia and Joy. This clearly means they are expected to do well.

Amelia is up first. She tells us that it's not until you are up in the hot seat that you realise how hard it is. Woah. Alisha says in her VT that Amelia said she didn't really like music when she was doing her pitch, which is apparently a LIE. Amba picks up on this too, and says that she clearly loves music. Why this is needled at so much we don't know. Amelia looks awkward, and talks the about the price crashing as you would a car crashing. Fasten your seatbelts! Charlotte gloriously shouts. Alesha Dixon likes it though, and wants Amelia to sell all of them.

Nicola up next. We all know that Nicola isn't the most outspoken of the girls, and she looks like she would rather be anywhere than on Gems TV. She seems to have borrowed Tiffany's voice, but Alesha Dixon is glad that she manages to get the price in.

Olivia up next. She looks good on the camera. She tells us that with regards to personality "and that" she's always quite chirpy and this comes across. Alesha Dixon thinks she's brilliant. She tells us that she would wear the ring she's selling to the park and to the pub. Alisha was like, what? at this.

Kirsty was up next. Olivia points out that Kirsty is always the one in front, all confident and everything, but she didn't blow anyone's mind away on this task. Kirsty reads out the price and everyone has to pay. Well, duh, says Alisha.

Tiffany up next. She's panicking a lot and thinking to herself not to mess up. But it's ok, just before she went on she decided not to care if she messed up or not, she's just going to do her best with it and smile. Alesha Dixon thinks that with a name like Tiffany she should be able to sell jewellery really well. HA. I write ha, we got a trademark Alesha Dixon cackle. Tiffany sounds like a demon trying to pass as human. Amelia takes the piss out of her accent. Good girl! Charlotte says that Tiffany "really tried" today. Tried to be smiley but maybe a bit to smiley. I agree Charlotte, it frightened me.

Amba up next. She never wants to do it again. She obviously didn't do anything interesting so we go straight to Charlotte, who is clearly in her element. She even called the jewellery gorgeous. Kirsty says she came over as a classy, sophisticated exciting person, and she thought she was going to be like a newsreader. Alesha Dixon thinks she looks very composed, like nothing would phase her, and she looks really relaxed. I should point out at this point that Angeline is with Alesha Dixon through all of this, but presumably isn't allowed to speak.

Joy has her turn. As does Angeline who tells Alesha Dixon that she thinks Joy's nerves got the better of her in rehearsal. Joy looks terrified. She's rocking back and forward like she's speaking in school assembly and every other word is "er...". Even her earpiece is jumping ship. She tells us that it fell out four times in a row. She deals with this by giving us a "f**ks SAKE" under her breath. Whilst miked up. Whilst LIVE on television. Alisha tells us what just happened. She SWORE. Live on TELLY. Joy says that when she realised she said f**k, she swore again. Oh my DAYS says Angeline. Alisha's eyes go REALLY WIDE. Because you DON'T DO THAT. Joy says that all the girls were just stood there, which also put her off. She just wants to go home. Amelia tells her it's ok. Joy disagrees. She just said f**k! Twice. Charlotte says that you don't get naked or swear on live TV, which is ironic because she quite happily got her ladybits out on TV last week.

I'm looking forward to Alisha. She's been slagging everyone off so far and I really want her to crash and burn. At the beginning it looks like it. She starts out with a voice like a voiceover for face cream, but she realises she's not being herself and decides to sell something how she would sell it naturally. This involves squawking like an Eastenders extra. Alesha Dixon does a complicated fingersnapping gesture. Alisha says that Alesha Dixon told her to let her personality shine through, and she thinks her personality shined through more than anyone elses. Alesha Dixon thinks she's a genius.

When everyone is finished, Alesha Dixon and Angeline gather them together to say well done. They did really well and she knows how daunting it would have been for them to present on live TV. The girl that she's chosen as a challenge winner is the one that showed the right amount of charm and could sell her jewellery any day. That girl is Charlotte. Angeline was super impressed with Charlotte and presents her with a very expensive White Gold and Diamond necklace on behalf of Gems TV. Charlotte does some air kissing.

I didn't win! exclaims Alisha, but she's glad Charlotte did, because she feels like Charlotte needed this. Charlotte's really pleased. She won a necklace...Yay! She's very happy she won her first challenge.

Coming up! Amba thinks they're going to Gatwick, Charlotte's TRYING and Kirsty's crying because she hasn't had much birthdays. Intrigued.

Back in the house, it's E-Mail time. It reads "hi girls, to become Britain's Next Top Model, organisation and professionalism is key. In this business, you never know what's around the corner. Be ready at 7, love Elle". It sounds like go-sees to Amba, but proper ones. Amelia thinks they'll have to get around London on their own and visit people. Charlotte is canny, and packs spare thongs, toothbrush, makeup and hairbrush in her handbag, because she clearly smells the rat present here. We'll just have to see at 7am, says Alisha.

The girls get in to two cars. Amba screams, because they are totally heading in the right direction for Gatwick Airport. Amelia tells us that Amba started crying when she realised this. Joy has no idea why Amba cried, maybe she was overexcited? The girls pull up at the airport. In case we don't know it's an airport, we see signs for the departure board and escalators. We are also shown that there are shops at the airport. Olivia wonders if they are going on holiday. Of course, Olivia. They often have holidays in the middle of competitions. She was really excited, but the other girls told her that she wasn't. I realise at this point, they would have had to go through security to get into the departure lounge, so they must be going somewhere. Kirsty thinks that they might have to be flight attendants.

They line up at the airport, to be met by Grace who announces is standing at the top of an escalator. She is wearing an animal print jumpsuit. We'll say no more about that. She says hello, and she welcomes them to Gatwick Airport. She tells them they are here for today's challenge. She tells them they might not know that top models are often booked for last minute jobs abroad, and the departure lounge can be your last chance to get organised, look fabulous and the Gatwick departure lounge has several fashion and beauty retailers where you can pick up a bargain. Grace has envelopes with £500 in them for each girl. This is met by screams. Grace says they can spend the money however they want too. Have a sniff girls, there's a rat around.

Amba wasn't expecting that for a second. Grace tells them to get shopping. Kirsty thinks it doesn't even matter if they are getting on a plane or not, they just went for it. The girls almost knock over a small child in their quest to get into Ted Baker first. Nicola has never had that much money to spend on whatever she wanted before, and she can't think what to do with it.

Alisha, Olivia and Charlotte were a team. They decided to suss out what shops were where, and the time limit, but it all went a bit tits up. These three have sussed out that there must be a catch, and decide to buy stuff for a holiday - bikini's, heels, and an outfit to impress. Alisha said she didn't have time to waste, so she ran to every shop, and ran around when she got there. Charlotte screams "I'm trying!" in a changing room.

Joy says that she went a bit mad. I can't imagine Joy going a bit mad. [I dunno, give it a few more episodes and I reckon we'll all have a much clearer idea. - Steve] She's in a group with Tiffany and Amelia. Joy said that they had to do it all in 45 minutes, which was fun. She puts her arm through the wrong hole of a dress. She can't handle too many options and has a bit of a meltdown in All Saints. Joy's never spent £500, she wouldn't even earn that if she worked seven days a week, all shifts, all hours. It's amazing and really nice to get the cash. Wow, a positive comment from Joy!

We see Amba trying on a dress, shouting that it has to be sexy. Kirsty says that Amba got a bit stressed and kept being rude to the shop assistants and apologising. Amba jumps around while the others look on. They had things to buy! Places to be, and things to buy! Amba tells us that she didn't smile much, and she must've looked like she was constipated the whole time.

Charlotte never realised that spending five hundred pounds would be so stressful. Alisha takes her clothes off in the middle of All Saints because she was in a team of three and there was only two changing rooms in the shop. Charlotte and Olivia already had an outfit, but she had nothing. Alisha stands in the middle of the shop in her underwear, much to the amusement of a passer by.

Back to the others, Tiffany picks up a pair of stripper shoes and thinks that they will go well with her trousers. Tiffany says that they were trying to get everything at once and they didn't know what to buy or how much to spend. It was apparently crazy. Joy's sweated through her socks.

Olivia said that when she realised that they only had 15 minutes left, the stress really started. There's some bickering. Alisha tells us that she is a person that likes to shop alone, she doesn't shop in threes and to shop with two other girls and to be under a time limit was DEATH.

Over with team Nicola/Amba/Kirsty, Nicola tells us that they were on their way to get accessories when Amba decides that she wants to go back to the first shop, with four minutes to go. Nicola found it annoying but realised the folly of wasting time arguing. Amba wants to go to duty free. They then proceed to waste time arguing. Nicola doesn't think that any of them got the things they set out to get, and they just ended up hating each other.

Alisha says basically that their time ran out, and they had to go and show Grace what they had bought. It came to Alisha's attention that Grace wasn't really interested in what they had bought. Grace hopes that they are all confident with their purchases, because they've all been booked on a flight for a quick swimwear shoot at the Sha Wellness spa in Spain, where Kylie and Naomi Campbell have all been guests. They better get a wriggle on because their flight is in 20 minutes. There it is! The RAT. Cue lots of screaming. Charlotte said that people react differently to different things, and Kirsty cried, fair enough. Kirsty is crying because she doesn't get much at Christmas, or have many birthdays [was she born on February 29th? - Steve], but she is overwhelmed by being given the money and the flight to Spain. Charlotte thinks that Kirsty thinks that she's the only one that can't afford a five hundred pound shopping spree.That's clearly not the case, because none of them could afford the shopping spree and Kirsty needs to remember that. Nicola gives Kirsty a hug.

Cue lots of screaming about going to Spain. Espania here I come! shouts Amba.

Airport montage.

After the excitement died down, Nicola realised that she was going to Spain with two pairs of shoes and nothing else. Charlotte forgot her toothbrush and Alisha hasn't got any knickers.

They arrive at the Sha Wellness Spa to an E-Mail read by Amba. "Hi girls, and welcome to Espania. Enjoy your surroundings, but be sure to get an early night as you need to be up at 5am. Sleep tight and good luck, love Elle"

There's lots of "aah"-ing at the rooms and jumping on the beds.

Coming up! The photographer wants more happy, a blonde lady isn't happy that Joy is tired and Amelia feels like a bit of a tit.

After the break, we see more of the glamourous surroundings. Amba says it was hard getting up at 4.45 in the morning. The girls get their makeup done. Amelia reminds us that because they are in bikinis, they have to be BODILY PREPARED as well as hair and makeup. She's still in shock that they are in Spain.

The blonde lady comes out. Her name is Melissa Odabash (really) and she's a swimwear designer. Charlotte thought that she was Elle when she saw the hair coming through the door, but was disappointed when it wasn't. Melissa has had celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss, Beyonce and of course, Elle wear her swimwear. Pretty much everyone, she says, modestly. Today, the girls are going to be wearing her celebrity swimsuits. Olivia is most impressed that she has worked with Cheryl Cole. Alisha is impressed about Beyonce. Kirsty is most impressed by Elle. Melissa tells them to enjoy themselves, and she'll see them on the set.

Hair and makeup montage!

Joy is up first. Melissa and the photographer, Javier Galue, greet her. This is met with silence, albeit with a smile. Javier has photographed Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz and David Beckham. Joy said that it was very cold on set, as she was up first and it was early in the morning. Javier seems impressed by Joy. Melissa tells Joy that maybe it will warm up soon. Joy complains about the cold. Melissa welcomes her to the world of modelling. Joy does everything that Melissa tells her to do. Javier makes her crawl across the bridge. This apparently hurt because of her bare legs. Joy was then made to look into direct sunlight, which wasn't very good for her eyes. Melissa says that she could tell Joy was getting tired after ten minutes or so, and she had to remind her that this was nothing. Joy actually smiles and says that she quite enjoyed the shoot, and she hopes she's got some good shots, which she should have done, but you don't know.

Amelia is up next. She wasn't relaxed and felt added pressure because she'd been taken to Spain. Javier wants more femininity, and to close her eyes. Melissa wants her to look over her shoulder. Amelia is scared of falling into the pool. Melissa thinks that Amelia is rigid with her movements, but once she's got the right movement, it's a good shot. Javier thinks she needs more confidence and to practice in front of the mirror. Amelia was said that she was nervous when asked to move as she was scared of falling in to the pool, and she felt like a tit.

Tiffany is up next, in a bikini and cowboy hat. Javier is making all the right noises. Melissa wants more energy. Tiffany thinks that all the shoots have been fantastic, but this one is in Spain. She's enjoying the pool and the hot weather. Javier foolishly asks her to laugh. Melissa thinks that Tiffany really listens, and gets it when she is told to move her body, but the laughing looked a bit fake. She has got a good look though. Tiffany thought it was difficult to smile and not make it look fake. I suspect that it's because she doesn't feel those emotions. She says that she was really smiling this time, because she was happy to be there.

Next, we have Amba, who is being photographed on the balcony, with the city behind me. Amba gets confused because the photographer wants her to smile and Melissa doesn't. Melissa doesn't like that Amba was trying to work it with a smile, as it wasn't really a smiling swimsuit. [I had no idea swimwear came with a range of emotions before watching this show. - Steve] Amba said that it was apparent that the photographer and the client wanted different things so she tried to mix it up a bit. Amba tells the other girls that they may have a problem with the photographer and the client wanting different things, and describes her swimming costume as "Diva-ish"

Kirsty's turn. Javier wants her to concentrate on her hands, Melissa on her body. Kirsty says that there's two people that you have to please, and they're both shouting different things at you. Melissa reminds Kirsty that she's selling a product. The photographer wants her to be happy, Melissa wants her to change her face. Kirsty found it very difficult. Javier thinks that she should give more to the camera, and change her face. Melissa thinks she has a great look,but is not great with positioning and needs to change her facial expression, and she needs to give more variation. Kirsty remembers Elle telling her to watch the pouting, and she had to control the lips.

Melissa asks Nicola if she's ready to get cold and helps her into the pool. Nicola feels out of her comfort zone as she's used to doing shoots with strong poses and the water was freezing. She had to be energetic and smiley whilst trying to disguise the fact she was freezing to death. She looks cold. Javier knows she was cold and it's difficult to pose in those conditions, but she made an effort and he appreciates it. Melissa says that it showed on her face that she wasn't enjoying it. Nicola doesn't know how the photos are going to turn out, or wheher she will be cold in them.

Olivia looks stunning on the roof. Javier is giving her lots of praise but Melissa reminds her that she's only got five minutes to get the shot. Not a good sign. Olivia thinks that she can see the whole of Spain from the roof. Bless. Olivia decides to be sensible and listen to the client rather than the photographer. Probably because she's the one that's going to end up on the judging panel. She feels bad about not listening to the photographer, but it seems like it's the right thing to do as Melissa is really impressed.

Surprise, surprise, Alisha isn't happy. She's scared of heights. Melissa tells her to do her best and she decides she has to man up, quickly. She was then too oily and needs emergency makeup. Melissa tells her she needs to be more feminine. Alisha believes that she's been tested in the photoshoot. She feels that she can take diretction, but only from one person. Melissa thinks that any swimming costume she puts on will look stunning, in any colour. Javier believes that she's got it in her to be a top model. Alisha believes she has done her best, and just hopes her best is good enough.

Charlotte next. She felt fantastic even before she walked on to the set and she looks great. She gets a sun lounger and the Fergie soundtrack. She felt great, she thinks she looks great and she rotates her boobs around to show us just how sexy she felt. She hopes she manages to get a good shot for her and for them. She hopes she did the swimming costume justice. Melissa thinks she took great direction. She got it straight away. She shocked Javier and he thinks her eyes have power. They both love her. Charlotte says that Elle wanted her to lose the girly-girly stuff and she hopes that she's done it in the shoot. She tried to sex it up.

Coming up!

Julien thinks that someones photo looks like a tacky lads mag shoot, Elle thinks that someone is a beauty, but it's not their week and Grace sees the truth coming out, it's the true model and it's not going to cut the mustard.

We're back at the Top Model House, and the girls are all in their robes. There's another E-Mail, this time read by Tiffany. It reads "Girls, you've had a tough few days and things are only going to get tougher as tomorrow nine will become eight. Get some rest, and see you at elimination. Love, Elle" Amba and Amelia hug, Olivia doesn't want to go.

Night shot of the house fades into day shot to show the passage of time. The girls arrive impeccably styled at the elimination room.

Elle and the judges are waiting in the elimination room. Elle welcomes them and tells them that she loves being here, as she gets to see them all and the work they do perform the week. She doesn't love being there because she has to say goodbye to somebody. Elle says that it's getting to be a very difficult decision every week, so thank goodness she has her wonderful panel of judges with her. International fashion designer Julien McDonald, Creative Director and Stylist, Grace Woodward, who has worked for Elle and Nylon magazine and her Gorgeous Charley Speed who has worked with Calvin Klein, Kate Moss and so many fashion shows and finally her friend and swimwear designer who mentored them through their shoot in Spain, Melissa Odabash.

We go through the prizes again, but we know them by now.

Elle asks the girls if they enjoyed Spain. She reminds them that they were photographed by Javier Galue and Elle is looking forward to seeing their best shots.

Joy kicks us off, looking like she's about to face a firing squad. Elle helpfully tells her that they are going to be looking at her shot, then talking about it. In case she doesn't understand how it works by now. Elle thinks her shot is beautiful. It is. Elle asks Melissa how she found Joy to work with. Melissa says that she is of course beautiful, she has the right look for everything, but it's not a models life to be tired within five minutes. Julien thinks that she's selling the swimsuit, which is what it's all about. Grace would publish the picture, and she's pleased to see a slightly different girl today. Elle then brings it down by asking her what happened on the Gems TV challenge. Joy said that she got really nervous before it happened. Elle asked her what she would do differently, and she says that next time she'll have a better attitude. Elle would like her to feel more confident because if she does, her attitude will become stronger, because at the moment it's her attitude that's pulling her down.

Amelia is next. We have a look at her best shot. she looks like she normally does. Elle says that the photographer said that she had a hard time, and it was difficult for them to find the shot. Melissa repeats this, but thinks that the shot they did get is amazing. Charley reiterates this. Grace says that she's going to have to eat her words because finally, Amelia is giving a different look. Elle is crazy for the shot. She tells Amelia she's done really well. Eh?

Elle would love to have a look at Tiffany's shot. She's smiling in the picture and everyone says that they haven't seen her like that before. I suspect they mean the picture but in my head it's 'ever'. Melissa said that Tiffany was a pleasure to work with. She had a great attitude and she came out smiling. Charley loves the shape of her body and the fact that it doesn't look like a forced smile. Grace makes reference to the cowboy hat Tiffany is wearing in the photo, and she thinks she's "Riding 'em, cowgirl"

Here's Amba. Elle would like to look at her shot. It looks like something out of the Freemans catalogue. Elle loves her body and her head of hair, but she's not crazy about the photo. Julien says that her face is fantastic, but her body is dead. Charley thinks she could've been fiercer in her eyes, but he agrees with everyone else, there's nothing going on. Grace tells her to work it, girlfriend.

Miss Kirsty next. It's terrible. Melissa thinks that she struggled, and that she doesn't know what to do in front of the camera at all. Elle says she's not at her best in the shot. She knows Kirsty knows a lot about fashion but in the shot she hasn't performed to her capacity at all. Julien says she better hope that one of the girls has a worse picture than that otherwise she'll be going home.

Elle greets Nicola by asking if she's still got her granny glasses. She nods. We have a look at her best shot. Melissa says that out of all the girls, it's the one shot that didn't work at all. It looks like a week one shot gone wrong. Melissa says that they were trying to make her smile, but it seems that Nicola is too wary of her teeth and she really struggled. Charley thinks it's a real shame as he's seen lots of good shots of her, but she's got to be able to give it all and be more diverse. Julien thinks that it's like something from a tacky lads magazine. Nicola laughs nervously at this. Julien advises her not to laugh, as this shot could mean she's going home because it's terrible. Nicola says thank you. [Oh Julien. Either have the full Tyra meltdown about inappropriate contestant reactions to judging, or don't even bother. - Steve]

Olivia next. Her photo is beautiful. Elle loves it, Melissa thinks she was a pleasure to work with, she has an amazing body and is the type of girl she would chose to work with. Seems the sucking up paid off. Grace thinks this shot puts her at the top. Julien thinks it's fabulous x3.

Elle would like to see Alisha next. Elle thinks that Alisha has the most beautiful body in the competition, but they don't see it in the shot. I can't see anything wrong with it. It's a bit generic, yes, but not terrible. Melissa was impressed with her body when she came out, it's insane apparently, but she thought she would have done better in the shoot. They had a hard time choosing the photograph because her face was too harsh. Julien is disapointed because she could've had the body of an athelete and the face of a top model. Elle demands she take off her jacket and tells her she has beautiful shoulders and a sculpted face and would like to see more of it.

Last but not least is Charlotte. Her photo prompts Grace to say "bloody hell, amazing". It is. Charley thinks it's great, and it's good to see her face smouldering. Melissa thinks that she was the best on the shoot, coming in with energy and excitement. Julien thinks she looks hot. Grace remains speechless and thinks it's just...fabulous.

Elle is sure that some of the girls would think that they've been quite harsh this week, but it's only because they want them to be the best they can possibly be, and that it's going to be difficult to make a choice.

Deliberation time. Joy first. Elle mentioned that when they did the challenge she was moody and that was a problem. Melissa thinks that she's a beautiful girl but not fun to work with. Julien thinks she's amazing in photographs but has an attitude problem. Grace thinks that she's an editorial girl with the package and that her attitude can be ironed out.

Charley was starting to lose faith in Amelia for the competition but this shot finally is showing him what he wants to see. Julien likes Amelia's face and hair but doesn't like her body. Grace wins line of the night for "like Madonna would sing, this girl is Borderline". Genius. However, Amelia is in her bottom two or three.

Tiffany next, Melissa doesn't think she has a broad market. Julien thinks it's a nice picture but he's bored of her, and there's nothing more to her than a face and a smile.

Moving on to Amba, Melissa thinks she has an amazing body but doesn't know how to move. Julien repeats this with slightly different words and Grace agrees, saying it's like having a Ferrari and not knowing how to drive it.

Julien normally likes Kirsty, but thinks that she looks awful in this weeks picture, worst picture, worst week. Grace thinks that we're seeing the truth come out, this is the real model and it's not going to cut the mustard.

Elle is disappointed in Nicola's shot. It didn't work for Melissa. She didn't know how to move and didn't want to get in the pool for ten minutes. Julien thinks she doesn't look good or like a model and that this is her worst week so far. Elle agrees it's not her week.

Elle then confesses that Olivia wasn't one of her favourite girls, but she looks phenomenal in her picture. Melissa thinks it's amazing. Charley says he knew her potential all along and this is a prime example.

Melissa thinks that Alisha is really nice, has a great attitude. Grace thinks that she has the most finely tuned body and would like to see her "use her machinery at full revs" and she's not.

Finally, Charlotte. Charley is happy to see her embrace the sexiness. Melissa loves her.

Elle thinks it's a tough decision, but someone has to go.

Nine beautiful Models, not girls stand before Elle this week, but, alas, she only has eight photographs in her hand, representing the girls going forward.

Charlotte is called first. She's really earned the place. Next is Olivia, who looked like she was sleeping whilst waiting, apparently. Then Amelia, with Elle's surprise photograph of the week. Following her, is Tiffany, then Joy. Elle needs to have a word with Joy. Here comes the speech. "When you go to work, you are representing Britain's Next Top Model. You are representing the brand and you are representing me. When you have the attitude that you have had over the past week, you don't do us justice." Elle makes an approximation of an angry face. Joy says thank you. It's a great photograph, but the face isn't enough. Kirsty is next to be saved from the chop. Elle says that she finds Joy unproffesional, but she knows Kirsty is a professional and that's why she's not going home.

This leaves us with Amba and Nicola. They hold hands on the way to Elle. Nicola immediatley starts crying. Amba holds them back a bit better. Nicola shows Elle great editorial shoots, but there's been no diversificaion (is that even a word?). Amba is a beautiful girl, but there's been no growth. The photograph belongs to Nicola, Amba is going home.

Elle and Amba hug it out. Elle notes that Amba is as tall as her, and tells her that she can do anything she wants. Amba says thank you and there's lots of crying.

Through hitchy crying, Amba tells us that the experience has been the most challenging of her life, but also the most amazing. She'll miss everything, even the early mornings. Amba is removed from the picture.

Coming up next week! The girls visit the set of Holly-Oaks. A night out with two cast members leaves Alisha pissed. And a horror style photo shoot tests the girls nerves. Join Steven next week to hear all about it.

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