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Fifty Shades Of Orange

Top 12: 30th July 2012

Previously on BintModel: the girls fulfilled their contractual reality TV obligations by getting really excited about a house, they were hoisted into the air for a photo shoot at which point Jennifer felt rather unwell and for which she was called a "wimp" by Elle at panel, and Emma S fulfilled her destiny as the most obvious first boot in the history of forever.

This week: MAKEOVERS! Helen must be so gutted she didn't get to recap this one. Also the remaining contestants will be serving up Bad Girls realness in a sexy prison-themed photoshoot. Because few things in this world are more of an aphrodisiac than the possibility of being shanked in the corridors by Psycho Bev from G-Wing. [And now I'm thinking about Yvonne Atkins. Thanks - Helen]

Titles! I know Helen doesn't like these, but I think it's genuinely the best combination of music and visuals that BintModel has ever had, in any iteration. I know that's a low bar to clear, to the extent that you could probably do it in a floor-length skirt without disturbing your hemline, but still: progress! [I agree actually. They've gone from eye gougingly terrible to a bit rubbish - Helen]

Go shorty! It's your birthday! We gon' party like it's your birthday! The sweet tones of 'In Da Club' greet us as we return to Model Manor...which is covered in police tape. Wow, the Leveson Inquiry really is leaving no stone of the Murdoch empire unturned. Hilariously, the contestants are all so feisty/stupid (delete as applicable) that this doesn't actually deter any of them, and they just walk under it and into the house. I hope that this was a secret test to see if they were fit to be role models for young women throughout Britain and Ireland, and they've all just failed for doing that. They'll never unseat Little Mix now. Anita gives us yet another terrifying glimpse into her psyche as she interviews that she thought this meant there would be a male stripper inside dressed as a policeman. If this is Anita's approach to life in general, then I imagine being her friend involves getting a lot of calls in the small hours of the morning to bail her out of police custody.

They go into the house and all of the doors have got "NO ENTRY" signs on them, so of course the girls all ignore those too and go into the living room, where they see mugshot-style pictures of themselves stamped with things like "DRAB" and "NOT WORKING". Anita's says "TOO GLAMOUR", which Penelope (I think) helpfully points out means she "looks like a porn star". Jennifer, meanwhile, is concerned that hers just said "ALL WRONG". Fortunately, there's an Elle Mail on the way to clear things up: "Hello girls, The style jury is out and tomorrow your fashion fate will be decided. All rise and be ready to leave at 9:45am sharp, love Elle x" Thankfully, everyone has watched the show enough times to correctly deduce that this means it's makeover time, and they're all very excited. [SO AM I - Helen]

The next day, Elle meets with the other judges at the Daniel Galvin salon (somewhere near Marylebone, so Google tells me) and Julien calls it "make-or-break day". He thinks that after the transformations, they will all look more like professional models. Well, yes, one would hope. The girls arrive, and Elle stumbles over her intro detailing how this salon has styled "some of the most important people in the industry" from Kylie Minogue to Keira Knightley. I know "the industry" is a pretty vague term, but neither of those women are models, at least not as their first career choice. Elle has divided them into groups, and Roxanne, Madeleine and Anne are with Julien; while Tyson has Anita, Emma G, Risikat; Whitney has Letitia, Tasmin and Lisa; and that leaves Elle with Penelope, Jennifer and Kellie.

Whitney tells Lisa that she looks nervous, and then tells her not to be because they're going to make her look like Uma Thurman (or as she says it "Ulma Thurman") in Pulp Fiction, while Letitia is told that her look is going to be "Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley" (what is it with these people and not being able to correctly pronounce celebrities' names?). Letitia is relieved that they're keeping her hair long, while Lisa whimpers that her hair is so important to her and she's never had short hair. Well, chances are you made the mistake of mentioning that to a member of the production team at some point in the application process, so what's coming is entirely your own fault. Sorry. Lisa asks Whitney how much is coming off the bottom of her hair. "A lot," is the answer. Lisa looks nervous again, some more.

Meanwhile, Elle's with Jennifer, saying she wants something inspired by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so quite short and a bit of a mohawk. Risikat looks on in abject horror. "Bye bye hair," laughs Jen nervously. Elle promises her that she has a beautiful face and she can handle it. "I trust you," says Jen. FOOL! Julien tells Roxanne that she's getting the most dramatic makeover, while Tyson tells Risikat that he's thinking of Halle Berry. (I should imagine that's probably true whatever the scenario.) Anyway, it takes a couple of seconds for Risikat to realise what this actually means for her hair, and she does a full-on "NOOOO!" and starts crying. Heeee. It's only momentary crying though, and she soon recovers enough to tell her hair that she's going to miss it. Tyson tells her she can always pick up another bag of it. Tyson's kind of a bitch. I love it. Meanwhile, Lisa covers her eyes and holds Whitney's hand as they lop her hair off. Look, I'm a man in my thirties: let it be known that I understand the trauma of losing one's hair. But all the same: GET A GRIP, please. Risikat uses this experience as an excuse to get a hug and a kiss off Tyson. Smart girl. [Risikat is a genius which is rare for this programme - Helen] Lisa is handed her snipped-off ponytail to hold, which just gives her the vapours all over again until she decides to suck it up and come to terms with having short hair. Tyson, clearly bored, starts posing with everyone else's cut-off hair attached to his bonce and his chin. I like this Tyson, I'd like to see more of him please.

Adverts. Everything about The Wedding Video looks utterly horrific.

When we return, Tasmin is feeling excited about her impending makeover. Roxanne interviews that everyone's scared, but that she thinks Lisa is REALLY scared. Nothing gets past ol' Veronica Mars over here, does it? Whitney breaks it to Lisa that they're going to give her a pixie cut, and Lisa is about three seconds away from sheer catatonia at this point. Anne sits down for an interview with what appears to be pink marshallows leaking out of her scalp (and people say models are empty-headed!) to say that Lisa is "fighting back the tears". It's not a particularly illuminating soundbite, but I think the producers were just desperate to use that shot of her because she looks so completely surreal. Not that I blame them. The stylist gets started with snipping away at Lisa's hair for real and Lisa lets a few tears slip out. Whitney keeps reassuring her that "it's going to be okay", and for crying out loud, it is a haircut. You have not just been mowed down by a pantechnicon. If it's a complete disaster, it will grow back. Anyway, it doesn't look too bad - it makes her look like a brunette version of Tuffnuh. Roxanne interviews, helpfully, that Lisa has had "a boy haircut" and that she personally does not like it.

With Risikat's extensions now removed, the judges are cooing over how beautiful her natural hair is, and Elle admits that they may have to rethink their plans now. Risikat is quite pleased about this. Jennifer's dramatic short cut has been completed, and Elle - with, it has to be said, perhaps not the best timing in the world - decides to use this moment to tell Jennifer which is her better side to be viewed from (it's her right, if anyone's wondering). We get another shot of Anne and her marshmallow head as we learn that she's going blonde. As the stylists wash the bleach out, Julien opines that she "looks like a leopard". Back to Risikat, and apparently Elle's gone back to her first plan and still wants to give her a Halle Berry-over. (Elle's clearly caught the mispronunciation bug, saying "Hirley Berry".) Risikat interviews that none of these bitches know what they're doing with her hair, and she's getting frustrated.

Meanwhile, Elle and Kellie's hairdresser are having a disagreement over how short she should go, but Kellie seems fairly philosophical about all this. Elsewhere, Roxanne is having her hair painted orange. "I knew this would happen to me!" she exclaims. "Especially when I've got Julien. I knew it." Hee. Penelope interviews that Jennifer's putting a brave face on because she didn't want to go short or dark, which is exactly what Elle decided to do with her. Jennifer herself pops in mid-dye job to point out that her hair is now diarrhoea colour. She hopes it won't be that colour when they've finished.

The stylists finish with Anita, and she's got sort of a flatter version of The Rachel. Tasmin now has a fringe, but is worried that we can't see her eyebrows any more. Meanwhile, Risikat is crying as her hair gets hacked off. She sobs that she looks "ugly". The stylist finishes with Roxanne, and Julien asks her if she likes it. "I don't know," is her answer in public, but we immediately see her in a confessional crying that "they've made my hair's not even red-ginger, it's just orange, like I've got a fucking carrot on my head!" Elle and Whitney admire Lisa's new pixie cut, which actually looks really good, like Erin O'Connor with attitude.

Kellie has been given a short bob cut with an equally short fringe, which she declares "chic". Well, that's one happy customer, at least. Surprisingly (for this show at least), Risikat's promised Halle Berry haircut actually ends up looking quite a lot like Halle Berry, with a bit of Rihanna thrown in. Julien says "she looks like Oprah Winfrey when she had her hair cut short" - I think that's meant to be a compliment, but it's Julien, so really, who knows? Roxanne's hair has gone full Rebekah Brooks/Sideshow Bob at this point, and Julien gets everyone in the salon to cheer about how much they like it. Roxanne still looks unconvinced. Jennifer's new cut is short and asymmetric and makes her look a bit like Pink. She's upset by how short it is, but it kind of suits her. Emma G's hair is kind of the same, but with a bit more of a honey-colouring to it and a bit more bounce.

The team are still trying to salvage Roxanne's hair and I'm beginning to think there really is no hope at this point. She's in tears, and in this case I can understand it because they've made her look absolutely dreadful - it doesn't suit her skin tone, in fact I don't think it would suit anybody's, and it just looks like a cheap home dye-job gone wrong. Elle keeps promising Roxanne that it's "not horrible". Elle is a terrible liar. "It's going to look absolutely...." Elle assures her, never actually finishing that thought. Julien tells her she's going to be the stand-out girl. Yes, standing outside the nearest solicitor's office, hammering on the door. Penelope's hair is a bit longer and a bit blonder, and Madeleine's got a bit of a Naomi Campbell weave going on. Back to Roxanne, and Julien tells her that her hair is just going to "pop" under the camera. I think that is a genuine, literal possibility. Elle says that "it all depends on how you work it", as Kelly Rowland plays in the background as if to underline her point. I think you could work all the hours God sends and still never truly make sense of that hair. Poor, poor Roxanne. Finally, Anne's hair is done - she's got a short peroxide-blonde cut, which is reasonably decent. It's actually been a fairly good set of makeovers this year, which ultimately makes poor Roxanne's fate all the more humiliating.

Back at the house, the girls are getting used to their new hair. Kellie and Tasmin sit together, with Kellie declaring it "Britain And Ireland's Next Top Fringe". BintFringe! Roxanne says she feels like a orangutan. [Ranga! - Helen] Madeleine puts an orange cushion on her head and does a Roxanne impression. Penelope has decided that hers makes her look like a prostitute, which Risikat can't understand at all since it's not that far removed from what she originally had. Amazing stealth-burn there. Penelope says that it makes her look like she's chasing footballers for a living. Tasmin declares that "90%" of the girls are happy. Cut to Jennifer in tears. Cut back to Tasmin and Kellie saying that they like Jen's hair, even if she hates it. Anita, ever-keen to endear herself to me, says that Jennifer has only herself to blame, "coming across like that" with all those piercings and tattoos, so they've given her a haircut to match. God, Anita is the actual worst. Madeleine thinks that the ones who looked ugly before are rocking now, and the one that looked beautiful before now looks like a boy (editing suggests she's talking about Lisa). Roxanne concludes that it has "not been a good day".

The next day, there is Elle Mail read by Emma G - who, I've just realised, is now virtually indistinguishable from Letitia, thanks to the makeovers, which is going to make things quite difficult. "Hello girls, Your makeovers have given you all a model look, but there's still one thing missing. I'm sure today will put a smile on your face, so get your skates on and have a great day. Love Elle x" The girls are then taken to a cosmetic dentist, who tells them that they've all been chosen for their "natural beauty" (conspicuous shot of Roxanne's carrot-juice hair here) and now he's going to enhance that by cleaning up their teeth. So they were chosen for natural beauty, only for it to be thrown out the door a few days later? Sure, that makes sense. The girls take it in turns to sit in his chair (Emma apologises that she "just ate a nut bar", which makes me laugh) and get their smiles whitened. Everything about dentistry terrifies me, but they don't show any of the gruesome bits, though Letitia admits that she had a bit of a problem and had to stop halfway through. Everyone else has really white teeth, while hers are just "averagely-white". Oh no! Averagely-white!

The girls board a bus where champagne is waiting for them, along with legwarmers and colourful tutus. They're deposited at a roller disco, where Letitia observes that everyone's getting on really well right now. "Maybe it's the teeth," she concludes. Hilariously, this leads into Penelope and Risikat complaining about how annoying she's being about her teeth. Roxanne thinks Letitia is too young and immature for this competition. That's a terrifying thought. A man in a tutu, wearing roller skates, drops off an Elle Mail: "Hi girls, I hope you had a great day. Enjoy it while it lasts, because tomorrow you'll be doing time." Back at the house, Lisa and Anne mull over whether this could possibly mean anything other than jail. Penelope thinks they're going to be villains. Emma G is excited that they're going to get to pose alone for the first time, presumably. In a confessional, Kellie thinks it might be a beauty shot with their new sparkly-teeth, at which Letitia (who is also present) has to pipe up that hers are only "half-sparkly". Roxanne interviews that people are getting tired of Letitia acting like a baby.

After the ads, we rejoin the models as they're arriving at a prison, which looks a lot like the one that Dead Boss was filmed in, though I guess there's probably a fairly limited amount of prisons available to hire for entertainment purposes, so if it's the same one it probably shouldn't be a huge surprise. They're greeted by Mollie King from The Saturdays (what, were none of this show's full-time employees available?) who tells them they're going to be incarcerated in Top Model prison to find out who's going to become top dog. I assume this will involve at least some degree of situationally-enforced lesbianism. I hope so, anyway. Mollie hands over to Sarah Salter from Casio Baby G who waffles on a bit about the brand and how their watches are "pretty and tough", so they're perfect for prison, or something. Today's photographer is Joseph Sinclair, who has shot all sorts of famous people, and also The Saturdays.

Risikat's up first, and she's been given a whip to pose with. She seems alarmingly pleased with this development. Things seem to go well on her shoot, with Mollie likening her favourably to Rihanna. Risikat interviews that Mollie said she wanted her body. Wow, girls really do turn to lesbianism very quickly in prison. Sarah likes the shot, but is concerned that Risikat seemed to just forget about the watch in some shots. Lisa is up next, and interviews that it was a fierce, grungy editorial shoot, which is the sort of thing that she loves. After her we have Anita, and Mollie thinks she looks nervous, so Sarah reminds Anita that she needs to look like a tough prison bitch. Anita does an interview with bed-hair and wearing panda pyjamas (cute!) saying that it worries her when people say that, because she's not nervous, so she doesn't know why she looks nervous. Joseph takes some overhead shots of her lying on a bed, which seem to go down well.

After that we have Penelope, who seems a bit lost, but Mollie likes it when her hair falls into her face. Penelope interviews that she wasn't naturally rough-looking, so she's taking that as a compliment. It appears to be a compliment from herself but hey, that still counts, right? Anne's next, and I'm starting to realise just how much the blonde hair makes her look like Ashlee Simpson. She poses behind bars, and gets some good shots. Then we have Letitia (I really did think this was Emma G until Emma G popped up again later - this is a serious makeoversight, if such a word exists) who has legs right up to her armpits, and impresses Sarah with ten different poses that they've not seen from any of the others yet. Tasmin poses on some steps, and Mollie tells her that she and Sarah are having major leg envy. They don't seem to be getting much direction from Mollie and Sarah, it has to be said. Joseph tells Tasmin to go for a Grace Jones effect, so Tasmin produces a hula hoop from nowhere and rolls it around her hips while singing 'Slave To The Rhythm'. Okay, she doesn't, but that would have been awesome, wouldn't it? Looking over the shots, Mollie is concerned that Tasmin has an amazing body but isn't sure how to use it yet.

Backstage, Kellie is getting her make-up done, and the make-up artist notes that her eyes are tearing up. Kellie interviews that sometimes, out of nowhere, you just get a bit caught up in the pressure of things, and while she's not going to give up, this is tougher than she expected. She vows to channel the emotion into the shoot, and Sarah compliments her on looking tough. Mollie decides that she loves Kellie. Afterwards, Kellie cries again, but with happy tears this time. Then there's Madeleine, whose new hair Mollie and Sarah love. Her shoot isn't quite so well-received though, as Sarah expresses concern that Madeleine started strong and then went downhill. Still, they think she might have got it in the first shot.

Voice of Fearne intones that as the day drew on, Sarah was forced to leave as she had a flight to catch. Such is the glamour of being a brand rep, I guess. That leaves Jennifer with just Mollie and Joseph to guide her. Joseph loves Jennifer's eyes, and Mollie thinks the watch is getting good focus in the shots too. Next we have Emma G (the real one this time) posing in leather pants and suspenders and giving it a lot of sex. Mollie loves the shots, and wants to be Emma. Afterwards Emma admits she'll be glad to get some clothes back on, and gives Jennifer a proper eyeful of ass as she walks past. Finally there's Roxanne, whose hair Mollie absolutely loves. They like her posing and her attitude, although sometimes the watch gets forgotten. Roxanne seems buoyed a little by her experience here.

Back at the house, there is Elle Mail, read by Risikat: "Hello girls, You've all had stunning transformations this week, but are you transforming into top models. Tomorrow you will meet with the judges and only 11 of you will remain in the running to become Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model. Love Elle x" There is much sadness at this. New twins Letitia and Emma G declare that this is "not the best time of the week". Lisa says that they feel they've only just got through one elimination, and now there's another one. Madeleine wants Letitia to go because "she's too short, too commercial and she's got really really big knockers". No, but tell us how you really feel, etc. Kellie doesn't think they'll send her home unless Elle hears that she cried on the shoot and thinks she's unprofessional. Roxanne thinks Emma might go, because she's too pretty to be a model - but she doesn't really care who goes, as long as it's not her.

Judgement day at Television Centre! Guest judge for the week is singer and dancer and former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt. Julien is pleased to have her around, because she is small like him. Voice of Fearne reminds us of our judges, and the girls troop into the elimination room. Elle tells them how great they all look post-makeover, and Voice of Fearne reminds us all what the prizes are. (I seriously will never tire of that shot of the cards on the wall at Models 1, with Tuffnuh and Joy next to each other and Alisha NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.) [I enjoy that bit so much, I watch it three times when it's on - Helen]

Up first for analysis is Madeleine. Julien likes her shot, and Kimberly thinks she's a beautiful girl, but wants her to be able to relax into herself a bit more to let her beauty shine through. Tyson can see confidence and attitude in her shot. Letitia is next, and her shot is pretty awesome. Whitney opines that she looks sexy but in a way that works for Letitia and not in a phwoargh lads-mag sort of way. Julien wants to see her looking a bit different. Dude, she's just had a makeover. Elle tells him to shut up, and asks what Tyson thinks. Tyson is never bored by beauty, and encourages her to keep going with what she's doing.

Mid-judging ad break. Grrr. I will never be okay with these.

 When we return, it's Kellie's turn. Elle asks her a suspiciously loaded question: "how did you find the pressure on your first photo shoot alone?" Kellie cops to having a bit of a cry and needing to work on being confident. Elle tells her there's no point being good on set and falling apart afterwards. She likes Kellie's shot though, and Whitney gives her credit for using what she's going through "as a platform". Okay. Tyson warns her not to hide inside herself and to keep growing. Emma is called forward, and Julien tells her he's worried for her because she's got competition in Letitia, and one of them will go because they look the same. Is this not exactly the sort of situation the makeovers are supposed to avoid, not create? They didn't look like each other before Whitney and Tyson got their hands on them, so perhaps the judges should compare notes before turning up to the salon. Kimberly loves Tasmin's best shot, and even sees a lot of potential in her walk down the catwalk in the judging room. Tasmin tells Kimberly that she's her favourite guest judge, while Alesha Dixon sobs quietly at home.

Next up is Roxanne. Miraculously, her hair actually looks good in the picture. Julien congratulates himself on making her stand out. Tyson asks Roxanne if she likes her hair, and she cautiously replies "it's growing on me". Elle and Tyson point out how amazing it looks in the picture, conveniently ignoring the fact that she had a professional hair and make-up team to make it look like that, and on days like today where she has to sort it out herself, she goes back to looking like Chucky. Elle loves Anne as a blonde, and her best shot gets good notes. Whitney thinks that the eyes really grab the viewer, and Julien likes her newness and freshness. Risikat is next: Julien tells her that last week she was a bit of a bimbo ("oh, thanks," replies Risikat) and now she's strong, aggressive and modern.

Then we have Jennifer, and Elle asks her how the transformation feels. Jennifer answers that it's weird not having her hair, but she's trying to make it work as much as she can. She doesn't sound wholly convinced herself, though. Her picture gets a lukewarm reception - Tyson wants her to be more rocker than she is in the shot. Penelope is called next, and Elle says that she knows Penelope isn't convinced by her new hair because she's worried about looking cheap. She says this with a look of serious dissatisfaction on her face, so I think Penelope is going to need an amazing shot to save her ungrateful ass at this point. Kimberly likes the picture because she thinks it looks effortless, but she's less impressed by Penelope in person because she doesn't feel any confidence from her. Penelope admits that she's been crying all morning because she doesn't want to go home. Kimberly tells her that she needs to present herself with confidence and show everyone that she wants it, and that way she won't go home. Julien says he wants her to win, because she's got a magic about her, but he thinks people will be watching her and shouting "come on!" I'm not sure about that, I basically watched this entire segment and shrugged.

Lisa's next and her shot is declared "fierce" by Elle, but Elle thinks Lisa doesn't like it. Lisa swears that she does, but it's just very different and she's not used to seeing herself like that. Tyson cranks up an anecdote, saying that he's a bad boy and he's spent the odd night behind bars. This causes Whitney to forget where she is and think she's back on The Hills, such is her gawp and incredulous "you have?!" in response. Old habits die hard, I guess. Anyway, Tyson tells Lisa that if he'd walked into his cell and seen her like that, he'd have been scared. Is it very likely he'd have been in the cells with a woman? I've never been arrested (OBVIOUSLY) so I don't know. Lisa cringes at this, but Tyson assures her he means it as a compliment - he likes it, she's giving him Catwoman. Finally we have Anita, and Whitney is concerned with the squinting yet again. Julien tells her there are lots of faults, but she should forget about them because she's hot. Yes, that's very helpful and constructive Julien, thanks for that. Kimberly's all "eat your heart out, Penelope Cruz!", and while I've liked Kimberly in this episode, I think that's going a bit far. She sees a lot of potential in Anita, but isn't sure whether she's mastered it yet.

Time for the judges to deliberate as the girls head into the corridors. Roxanne says the hair is not really her and she can't pretend to be something that she isn't. She may want to rethink the whole "modelling" thing then, because I hear that's a considerable part of the job. Back in the room, the judges evaluate the pictures. Madeleine looks fantastic in the pictures, but can't deliver in the room. Letitia is a threat to everyone else, Kimberly thinks. Kellie's shot is liked, but they think it's more Chicago than Vogue. Whitney thinks Tasmin's picture was one of the weakest, but Tyson thinks it's the best one she's done so far. Elle sings Roxanne's name (please don't do that every week) and Whitney gets herself into my good books by admitting that she hates Roxanne's hair and that it makes her look like a clown. Julien pulls Whitney's hair in response to this. Julien thinks Anne has a peculiar face, but Kimberly thinks that makes her stand out. Then we have Risikat, and Julien thinks she has the best picture of the bunch, while Jennifer's is the worst. Elle ponders that sometimes we don't like the picture, but we love the girl and think she can deliver next week. Tyson loves Penelope's personality, but he doesn't like her as a model. Whitney thinks Lisa's working her new hair and her posing is great, but Kimberly thinks she's trying too hard. Elle and Tyson love Emma's figure. Elle thinks Anita looks like a young Penelope Cruz. I think perhaps, in this one shot, but just barely, and if that particular train of though returns next week I shall be unimpressed.

Time to send someone home! Elle has 12 very beautiful girls before her, but only 11 photographs in her hand. The first girl called out with picture of the week is Roxanne, with the note that they think she can do it, but she has to prove to them that she can. Emma is second, then Letitia, Lisa, Risikat, Anne, Anita, Madeleine, Kellie and Jennifer. Elle warns Jennifer that this is not a great shot, but she's amazing. This leaves Tasmin and Penelope in the bottom two. The judges see improvement in Tasmin, but she still has one of the weakest shots, and Elle is worried that things aren't going to work for her going ahead. Penelope had a great makeover and is close to being a model, but Elle doesn't think Penelope feels like that. So who stays? Tasmin. Penelope gives Elle a hug, and Elle tells her she can go and get her extensions out now. Penelope interviews that it's not so much leaving the contest that's weird, but not being in the house with the others will be strange. Also, she's realised that modelling's kind of stupid and she wants to do something more with her life. Hooray!

Next week: the girls wear weird t-shirts for some schoolchildren, have a timed photoshoot, and somebody's attitude gets called out at panel. Join Helen for the full rundown!

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  1. I remember the Daniel Galvin place from the Junior Apprentice, when they had to sell flower arrangements... guess this Galvin guy is a bit of a media floozy.